Photo SG-ANT-AS1Small antenna for wall fixing with 3 meter cable
Product code: SG-ANT-AS1

Photo SG-ANT-AM1Antenna with magnetic base, with cable 2,5 meters
Product code: SG-ANT-AM1

Photo SG-ANT-DMAntenna to be connected directly to the modem
Product code: SG-ANT-DM

Photo SG-ANT-AB1Dipole antenna high gain for pole mounting, with 5 meter cable
Product code: SG-ANT-AB1

Photo SG-ANT-TCATAntenna larger stylus for wall mounting; 5 meter cable
Product code: SG-ANT-TCAT

Photo SG-ANT-AD1Directional antenna with cable 2.5 meters
Product code: SG-ANT-AD1

Photo SG-PRO-XXExtension antenna of 5 meters or 10 meters
Product code: SG-PRO-05 (5 meters)
Product code: SG-PRO-10 (10 meters)