Web services

Web services

Web Service telemetering

Our Web Service telemetering (in development) allows individual users and building managers to check at any time, the actual consumption of a single unit or manage condominiums, ensuring the utmost privacy.

The integration of counting systems with the web remote reading system created by us, ensures several advantages:

  1. Detection of consumption in real-time
  2. Current visibility of consumption patterns and therefore the ability to take action for better management of the system, with notable savings for the tenant who will be rewarded due to the careful attention given to avoid waste.
  3. Evidence of any malfunctioning of the system.
  4. Savings on the cost of readings with much more information available.
  5. Automatic calculation of cost allocation for the administrator.
  6. Remote monitoring and remote managing functions.
  7. Alarm signal transmission.


We offer two types of service:

The suggested service has the following features:

  • Receive consumption data from Sitec hubs  (STCM e STRM series).
  • Flexible system applicable in plants using meters and/or heat cost allocators.
  • Ability to view the history of consumption.
  • “Tenant” can enter from any internet access:
    • Login and password for each individual user
    • The user is able to see their data with the reading frequency set by the administrator
    • The data can be viewed in tabular or graphical form
    • It is possible to print the viewed data
  • “Administrator” can enter from any internet:
    • Administrator login and password
    • Ability to view consumption of individual condos.
    • Refresh rate of consumption data can be set by the administrator.
    • The data can be viewed in tabular or graphical form for each apartment and condominium
    • It is possible to print the viewed data
    • Ability to configure the condominium (general information and user/device association, etc)
    • Ability to report malfunctions via Web.
    • Ability to make up to five readings directly from the Web, in addition refresh rate set previously, useful for example in case of exchange tenant.

The service WEB – PLUS is an extension of the WEB – BASE service that adds functionality particularly useful administrator:

  • Automatic calculation of the distribution of costs for the condominium.
  • Print the single user “bills” and/or send by email.
  • Possibility of reporting to the administrator by email, consumption over a predetermined average.
  • Extension (up to ten) of the readings, in addition to the setted frequency.