Photo SER-032-ETH


Devices for energy monitoring

The SER-032-ETH device allows reading of energy meters, both via digital inputs and RS485 serial lines and MODBUS protocol, sending the information to a database by SMS or E-Mail through Ethernet connection.

All data is recorded so it can be viewed in the most appropriate graphical way for a thorough analysis of consumption.

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  • USB interface for setting up the device
  • RS485 interface for serial communication with MODBUS protocol – used for expansion modules
  • Ethernet interface for sending emails
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 2 relay outputs


The three inputs can be connected to any type of energy meter if they have a pulse output corresponding to the measured consumption.
The device stores the counter values for each input and transmits the data to network servers.

  • SER-008-IN: Expansion modules for 8 inputs with 230Vac power supply
  • SER-016-IN: Expansion modules for 16 inputs with 230Vac power supply


The inputs can be connected to an energy meter, digital monitoring signals and alarms such as the snap of a protection, overheating of a device, device breakdown etc.
The device stores the counted values of each input in such a way as to save the overall count.

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The software to be installed on a PC for the visualization (also graphical) of energy production

  • SER-SW-01: Software for the graphical data representation related to energy consumption

  • SER-032-ETH: MASTER device, 3 inputs and 2 outputs with Ethernet interface for sending E-Mail, Power supply: 230Vac