Chronothermostat that displays consumption

The devices of STCR-DPY series are weekly programmable thermostats with touch screen, which offer to user the ability to view their own consumption.
These are linked to its own heat meter through an interface board, allowing see the values of consumption anytime.

Daily readings are also performed, allowing to have a history of consumption related to the last week in graphic form, allowing to intervene on the heating system, in order to optimize their consumption, thus obtaining desired savings.

Optionally, the thermostat STCR-DPY is available with integrated Wi-Fi module, to change configurations, view consumption etc. directly from smartphones and tablet through the Stad app; through Wi-Fi module, if connected to the internet, it is possible to connect to chronothermostat from all over the world.

Are available different colors, by adapting to any style of furniture.

  • Device supplied directly from the interface board with the meter or by 230Vac
  • Touch screen display
  • Weekly chronothermostat
  • Ability to setting the chronothermostat automatically, manually switch, antifreeze and off
  • Ability to set up to ten time slots for each day
  • Ability to view instant consumption
  • Ability to view the history of the last week consumption in graphical form
  • Wi-Fi module optional, to connect with Tablet or smartphone from all over the world, through Stad app
  • Dimensions: 122.3 x 88.3 x 25.0  /  122.3 x 88.3 x 15.0
  • Colors: White, Black, Chromo. Colors on request: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
  • STCR-DPY-001: Chronothermostat powered directly by the STCR-GTO board as interface for meters modules
  • STCR-DPY-002: Chronothermostat powered by 230Vac
  • STCR-GTO: Slave M-Bus gateway with two inputs and one master M-Bus output