Slave M-Bus with temperature and humidity sensors

STCR-LET is a M-Bus slave equipped with two temperature sensors and a temperature + humidity sensor, allowing you to monitor the temperature/humidity, and read the values through M-Bus.

  • The first temperature sensor detects the ambient temperature around of the device.
  • The second sensor is used to detect the temperature and humidity of environment around of device
  • The third temperature sensor allows to detect the temperature of an different environment from that of the device.

SRCT-LET is available in two variants one for indoor and one for outdoor use.


  • M-Bus standard interface, speed 2400 baud
  • Current consumption 1,5 mA (1 UL)
  • It supports two temperature sensors and one temperature + humidity sensor.
  • Allows monitoring of temperature and humidity through M-Bus.
  • Operating temperature -30 to +60° C.
  • 88x88x53 millimeters
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Wall Mount
  • STCR-LET-SE0: Board for reading the environment temperature (available soon)