Photo STWM


Remote Reading M-Bus Wireless

The STWM device (in development) is an energy remote reading device, that can read both wired (e.g. counters) and wireless (e.g. heat cost allocators, radio counters) M-Bus devices. It’s supplied with 868Mhz receiver to get data from radio devices.

The embedded GSM/GPRS modem is used to send data via Internet connection.

The reading values are sent via E-Mail, and are available in an attached, “CSV” file, formatted and directly readable in Excel (or an equivalent program).

Alternatively, readings can be made locally, using the “STCU Reader” software, provided separately. The device may be remotely configured by SMS, or locally using the “STXM Reader” software.

Moreover, there are models available with an Ethernet interface for the sending of data, or with the datalogger for saving the readings.