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Walk-By Sitec

Wireless reading via Tablet

The “Walk-By Sitec” system, allow the Radio M-Bus Counters reading in an easy and suitable way.

Using a tablet supplied by Sitec with “Walk-By Sitec” App installed, you can receive consumption data from devices inside a building, without getting in, thanks to radio receiver embedded.

The outstanding feature of this system are the easy on use; it has been developed to be used by not expert users.

This system allows a wide flexibility on readings. In fact, you can receive data by all counters detected, or open an already created list, and view consumption data only from them. Moreover, is possible to add or remove device from the list according the specific cases (e.g. radio counter replace).

After the reading, data are saved inside the tablet, ready to be viewed or elaborated by standard software as Excel or similar.

“Walk-By Sitec”, is a secure system, which allow data cryptation, in order to avoid the read by undesired devices.

  • STWB-KIT-01: Wireless reading via Tablet 10″, supplied with USB antenna.