Photo STCM M2


Remote Reading M-Bus Master for M-Bus Meters

The STCM M2 is an M-Bus network hub, designed to gather data from connected meters and send them, via e-mail, to the user.
Internet connection for the sending of data occurs by using the embedded GSM/GPRS modem.
The reading values are sent via e-mail, and are available in an attached, “.csv” file – formatted and directly readable in Excel (or an equivalent program).
Alternatively, readings can be made locally, using the “STCU Reader” software, provided separately. The device may be remotely configured by SMS, or locally using the “STXM Reader” software.
The STCM M2, among other functions, can manage the STCR-IO devices, that are M-Bus slave with an input and an output. STCR-IO devices can be configured according to your needs by sending appropriate SMS to the master or through the software “STXM Reader”.
Moreover, there are models available with an Ethernet interface for the sending of data, or with the datalogger for saving the readings.

  • Power supply: 230Vac 50/60Hz, 15 W (Max.)
  • GSM/GPRS Quad Band Modem.
  • LED GSM field intensity indicator.
  • LED M-Bus line status indicator.
  • 3 digital inputs (contact).
  • 2 relay outputs 6(2)A 250Vac with changeover contact.
  • USB port for local device reading and configuration.
  • M-Bus Master Port (2400 Baud) protected against overload and short-circuits.
  • Device for 32 or 60 meters (expandable up to 500, by means of STAM amplifiers).
  • Operational temperature: 0 – 45 °C.
  • Meter and/or device reader with M-Bus interface.
  • Reading data sent in “.csv” format, in table form, directly readable in Excel (or equivalent program).
  • Set up of up to two schedulers to automatically send readings daily, weekly or monthly, as well as sending the meter values to configured e-mail recipients.
  • A name may be assigned to each device.
  • Saving all the commands sent and received in a dedicated file in “CSV” format, with the possibility to send the file via E-mail.
  • Automatic update of date and time, with standard time and daylight saving time management.
  • Receiving SMS from telephone operator (credit low, credit check etc…).
  • Remote device configuration by means of sending text messages, or locally by means of PC and “STXM Reader” software
  • The user, by sending text messages to the remote system, can:
    1. Verify the status of the control unit (alarms, data).
    2. Request the sending of the current system readings
    3. Configure the device.
    4. Command available output relays (configurable in on/off or impulsive mode).
  • The remote system, if configured, upon an input status change, sends a warning text message – the text of which may be set up by the user – to the telephone numbers set up.
  • Verifies device alarms (failures or tampering), able to be set up via the scheduler, with reports of possible anomalies via text message to the telephone numbers set up.
  • STCR-IO” (IO M-Bus) device manager.
  • Fastening: Fastening on DIN EN 607 rails.
  • Color: Grey RAL 7035.
  • Material: Self-extinguishing PPO
  • Dimensions: 9 DIN modules.
  • STCM-032-M2: Master M-Bus for 32 meters, and sending of readings via e-mail, connected with GPRS connection.
  • STCM-060-M2: Master M-Bus for 60 meters (expandable up to 500 with STAM amplifiers) and sending of readings via e-mail, connected with GPRS connection.